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Customer Service
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Meet Reggie Wilson, bus driver. Driving in traffic for 8+ hours a day is difficult. Dealing with an often difficult public is doubly difficult. But Reggie approaches his job with a different attitude. Rather than letting the job wear him down, Reggie makes a choice. Everyday, he chooses a positive attitude. Even on days when he doesn't feel like being positive, he treats his riders like they are guests on his bus. Guess what? They keep coming back. And the positivity comes back to him, too.

Some riders pass up other buses and wait for his ride! How's that for loyalty? So, why does Reggie make the effort to deliver excellent customer service? Watch the SMILE! video here (full preview).

"...if I could have rubbed Aladdin's lamp and got my wish - it would have been THIS program!" Read all the testimonials

Customer service is one of the biggest challenges for customer-facing companies today. Are you trying to figure out your frontline customer service puzzle? SMILE! can help. SMILE! is Reggie's story told straight. No talking head trainers telling you what to do - and turning off your employees. In this day and age, no one wants to be told what to do. Reggie's story starts conversations. What better way to train than to have a conversation? How do you instill the spirit of customer service in your people? read

How do you answer your frontline when they ask, "What's in it for me?" read here.

In their review of SMILE!, Training Media Review gave SMILE! 3.5 stars out of 4. "If you need to encourage a positive service approach (or have a difficult or 'poisoned' service environment), SMILE! is a great training choice." Read the entire review.

Who can use SMILE!?
Consultants, in-house trainers, managers, department heads... SMILE! can be used by anyone to conduct a great training session around customer service, attitude and personal choice. Download a quick info sheet to share with your training team download info sheet pdf.

SMILE! has been added to in-house customer service modules by companies and organizations around the world because Reggie's honest, simple approach touches people. That's why companies like ATT, Citicorp, Costco, Talbot's, Saks, the San Diego Padres and many, many more customer-facing companies have joined Reggie on the SMILE! bus. Governmental departments have been among the biggest adopters of SMILE! as city, county state and federal agencies have gotten on the bus - even the U.S. Department of Labor! Read what they're saying about SMILE!

The SMILE! Customer Service Training Package includes:
      1. The SMILE! video - 12 minutes VHS or DVD. Watch the video
      2. Facilitator's Guide - 25 pages. Evaluate the guide
      3. SMILE! buttons - set of 10 buttons

The purchase price is:$595

Discounts apply for Government of 10%, Schools and Non-Profits of 25%. If you qualify, please call 888-723-8517 to order because our online server doesn't calculate the discount.

We offer rentals for $250 for a 10-day period.

SMILE! is also available in Spanish (VHS only). Please note Spanish in your special comments on the order form. Watch the Spanish version here
Note: support material is in English.

"SMILE!'s message is right on target..." Read more.

"I invite you to read the comments from SMILE!ers, explore the SMILE! philosophy and watch the film. If you'd like to purchase SMILE! or evaluate a preview for your training application, order it online here or call 888-723-8517. Reggie and I can also help you deliver SMILE! with a live SMILE! seminar at your location. Your people won't forget to SMILE!"
       Joel Lesko, SMILE! producer and distributor

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