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Customer Service
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Training Program

Rated #1
Service Training

by the people who
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your frontline people!

Looking for a special event to kick off a new customer service campaign? Now you can bring SMILE! into your own training room with Reggie and Joel!

Joel Leskowitz and Reggie Wilson are available for in-house SMILE! seminars. Joel produced SMILE! (read how he discovered Reggie and developed SMILE!) and has delivered a range of training to companies around the country. If Reggie's driving schedule permits, he loves to come along, too.

"The SMILE! seminar energized our event. First we watched Reggie on the video, and then Joel got our people involved in a great conversation about customer service and attitude. Everyone was bringing up ideas and talking about their own experiences. SMILE! sets the tone for great conversations." Diane Walden, Vice President, Trailways Transportation System, Inc.

Customer service... attitude... difficult customers... our SMILE! seminar will get your people talking. Everyone's got an opinion about the customer and about the kind of customer service they'd like to provide. When you have real conversations, your frontline people will get involved and that's when real training can take place.

For more information on pricing and availability, please email or call Joel right away at 206-295-1162.

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