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Customer Service
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Training Program

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The SMILE! customer service training program offers a complete package to help you facilitate a training session around the topics of:
       > choosing a positive attitude
       > the role of attitude in the customer service interaction
       > how to serve any customer - and still feel good
       > how to get out of the downward spiral of a bad day
       > the importance of choice in our lives

The video is a fun, entertaining way to start any meeting. After a short ride on the #27 with Reggie, your people will be ready to work with you to explore creating a SMILE! culture in your company or organization. Download a quick info sheet to share with your training team download pdf.

The SMILE! training package includes:
1 - 12 minute video on DVD or VHS
1 - CD-ROM with all the Facilitator's Guide materials, handouts, and
        powerpoint so you can conduct your own short or long training session.
        Complete with large group and small group exercises, participant sheets
        (reproducible) and background articles about the Inside-Out Model for
        Customer Service, creating joy at work and the value of laughter at work.
10 - Buttons (just like Reggie's SMILE sign)
  SMILE product  

              Download the Leader's Guide as a pdf file

The SMILE! package is $595 and we offer discounts for government, educational and non-profit customers. You may also rent the program for a special meeting (10-day rental period). A rental may be upgraded to purchase within 45 days of the rental.

To purchase the program now, please click this button to access our secure system via our secure online ordering system. Need a SMILE! for all your locations? Give us a call and we'll tell you about our multiple copy discount schedule. Don't let anyone go without SMILE! If you are with government, education or a non-profit call us so that we may include the appropriate discount.

To purchase SMILE! now use our secure ordering system

"SMILE!'s message is right on target and gets to the heart of what customer service is all about - attitude and caring about people. It is an excellent tool to launch a discussion about both customer service and attitude. The video was a hit and the small group discussion worked well. Group discussions tend to take on a life of their own and this one definitely revolved around people taking responsibility for their own attitudes. I would say that the main learning point, for this group, was that they have control over how their day goes. This was a novel idea for many of them. Taking ownership for our lives is a difficult undertaking for many people so I was happy to see some "lights go on". If they use this insight back on their jobs, it will make a real difference in their own lives and in customer service."
       Daphne Wright, Director of Training and Education
       South Georgia Medical Center



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